Eager Voters and An Engaged Candidate: Here’s Why Glen Wood Might Just Be What Front Royal Needs. The bustling Front […]
“Over the years I have had the opportunity to work alongside Glenn Wood. This is a man who is committed […]
Jean's Jewelers celebrating 25 years in business!
Please vote Glenn Wood for Front Royal Town Council on election day and we can make this problem go away. […]
I took a break from working the polls to give blood this morning. It’s the easiest way to help others, […]
Shaping the future with community insight. In this Meet the Candidates session, our publisher, Mike McCool, speaks with Glenn Wood, […]
Front Royal, the future of our town rests in your hands! Come November 7, 2023, Glenn E. Wood beckons your […]
Town of Front Royal voters: Meet and Greet Glenn Wood for Town Council at the Melting Pot on Tuesday, 9/19, […]