Eager Voters and An Engaged Candidate: Here’s Why Glen Wood Might Just Be What Front Royal Needs.

The bustling Front Royal electoral race sees candidate Glenn Wood, who has made his mark by connecting directly with the community. As citizens prepare for a decisive moment at the polls, Wood expresses his unwavering commitment to address real issues and drive impactful changes.

Glenn Wood, one of the four contenders vying for the two available Front Royal Town Council seats, has been tirelessly meeting constituents. He noted, “When I get in front of people, they like what I have to say.” Evidently, his grassroots approach – knocking on doors, leaving information, and ensuring his message reaches even those not at home – has struck a chord. Remarkably, some voters have expressed gratitude towards Wood as the only candidate to reach out personally.

His campaign doesn’t merely bank on promises. Glen has showcased his dedication through his actions. Even when his wife, a steady presence at the polls, fell ill, Glen took over to ensure their mission didn’t lose momentum. In addition to his manifesto, the current discussions in town, from ordinances for chicken-keeping to addressing the looming water crisis, are top on his agenda.

Interestingly, the library, amidst its own share of controversies, has actively participated in the electoral process this year, showcasing its endorsed candidates. Wood, having earned their endorsement, commented on the significant number of voters potentially being influenced by such endorsements.

The current race has its quirks. The elected will serve for just a year, a term left over from previous transitions in the council. Wood sees this as an opportunity – a year to demonstrate capability and perhaps aim for a full four-year term if re-elected. His experience in the planning commission, he believes, will be an added advantage, giving him insights into the actual needs and workings of the town.

But Wood’s ambitions aren’t just limited to the short term. He expressed excitement about a proposed plan for neighborhood development (PND), which could usher in new types of development within the town, emphasizing green spaces and fostering community-centric designs. Furthermore, he’s passionate about addressing the long-standing blighted building issue and ensuring the town’s water sustainability amidst increasing demands.

Glenn also spoke about fostering cooperation between the town and the county, stressing the importance of joint endeavors. Discussions with county representatives like Walt Mabe and Cheryl Cullers about workforce housing show collaboration is underway. For Wood, the future of Front Royal lies in working together, revising outdated ordinances, and thinking outside the box.

Front Royal is at a pivotal juncture, with the upcoming election having the potential to reshape its future. Glenn Wood, with his hands-on approach, evident passion, and clear vision, is making a strong case for being the change the town needs. As the voting day of November 7th approaches, the town waits with bated breath to decide its fate.