Shaping the future with community insight.

In this Meet the Candidates session, our publisher, Mike McCool, speaks with Glenn Wood, a town council candidate who elaborated on his mission for a better tomorrow. With the November 7th election approaching, Wood sheds light on his passion for service and a strategic vision for the town’s growth.

With a remarkable 45-year career in business, Wood has been no stranger to community service. After his recent retirement, Wood found solace in the Rotary Club, immersing himself in numerous service projects. His subsequent stint at the Planning Commission was a revelation; it unveiled the significance of long-term planning and the potential of influencing the town’s trajectory. With the tagline, “shaping our future,” Wood emphasizes the importance of forward-thinking in government, ensuring that the council focuses on a sustainable future rather than merely managing day-to-day affairs.

Central to Wood’s vision is the interplay between the town and its county. Reflecting on recent events like the water crisis, he underscores the need for caution and foresight, especially when entertaining ideas of industrial expansion or housing development. Balancing the needs of various stakeholders, from residents to businesses, is vital. He stresses the necessity of coordinated efforts, especially in areas like traffic management, water impact studies, and infrastructure development. Wood believes that collaboration between town and county can yield beneficial results for both entities.

Drawing from his vast experience, Wood emphasizes the importance of Return on Investment (ROI) and the potential to implement efficient mechanisms that serve the community. He recognizes the challenges businesses face when navigating government bureaucracy and envisions a more business-friendly approach, aiming for the government to operate with the efficiency of a private entity.

The topic of housing was particularly poignant. Addressing the need for diverse housing options, Wood highlights the discrepancy between the increasing demand for accommodation and the stagnation of apartment developments in recent years. He also points out the inadvertent ripple effects of housing on infrastructure, public services, and community well-being.

When asked about his core passion, Wood’s eyes light up. He speaks of harnessing technology to improve service delivery, reminiscing about his days in human resources, where he always strived for win-win scenarios. The goal? Finding common ground, promoting compromise, and always putting people first.

Wood ends on an inviting note, encouraging community members to engage with him at various events, highlighting his dedication to community outreach and ensuring that every voice is heard.